Advantage of Modx Content Management System

Most people asked us why MODx CMS is a lot better than any other content management systems available today. A lot of developers who have worked with other CMS have admitted that MODx CMS stands out from the competition.  Here are a few comparisons made between MODx and other CMS.

MODx VS Wordpress  

Wordpress is an excellent blog tool, but one major problem is that it is restricted when it comes to anything else. This blogging software is often hacked to make it work as a Content Management System. To implement wordpress into anything else than just blog or a basic website, you need to hack or think of other tricks.  MODx on the other hand is a true CMS and it can manage any kind of content restriction-free.

MODx VS Joomla

These two Content management Systems are totally different. Joomla is great for building a portal website. However, if you are looking forward to have total control over the website design and the code output then, MODx is great.

MODx VS Drupal

Drupal is too intimidating and difficult to use. With Drupal, to do a simple thing takes an extensive amount of computing resources.  A basic website using MODx can be developed in few days, whereas Drupal can take about two weeks to complete.

MODx VS Expression Engine

Expression Engine is fantastic software, but the biggest turn off that most people find is the $249 price tag coming with each commercial site. MODx is an open source CMS - that means it’s free!

If you are not satisfied with our comparisons, try it yourself. You are sure to realize the potential of MODx after you have tried it. But if you fully believe us then, contact us now and we can tell a lot more about the advantages of MODx CMS that you can enjoy.