Evolution of Sonic

Evolution of Sonic

25 years ago SEGA gave us Sonic the Hedgehog and not it can be easily recognised by everyone, not depending on his age.


Sonic was created when the Sonic 1 came out in 1991 and was redesigned for more than 10 times.


First of all, blue symbol was created to become a logotype of SEGA company, his shoes were created by inspiration of Santa Claus and personality was based on Bill Clinton.


In 1999 the design of Sonic was absolutely remade, it was done because of release of Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast and after last changes in 2003, the appearance of Sonic the Hedgehog was almost the same.

Nowadays Sonic is one of the most widespread symbols in the world, which is used everywhere, starting with games and finishing with socks, toys and so on.

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