Top 5 musical logotypes

Music is such sphere, which can inspire on creation something unique and awesome, so when designers need to make a logo for something, connected with music, it can be a masterpiece.

Each famous band has it’s logotype and exactly by it it’s recognisable, so here’s the best of them:

  • Red Hot Chili Peppers

The frontman of the band created this logotype on the piece of paper, saying that it’s “Star of infinity”.


Linkin Park

This logo was created as a part of artwork for their album Minutes for Midnight in 2007, letter “L” and “P” are hidden into the icon.

  • Aerosmith

In 1963 the logo was presented by Ivon Arbiter and it’s still is the symbol of Beatlemania.

  • Nirvana

Logo was made by the founder of band, Kurt Cobain, who was on the top of grunge-rock movement 20 years ago.

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