Modx CMS

MODx is a highly robust CMS and application framework, which helps to build websites exactly the way you want. It enables website owners as well as editors to manage the site or extranet content fully and easily. MODx is licensed under General Public License/GNU, which means you don’t have to incur any license cost.
Organizations of all sizes and wide variety of sectors across the world are now using MODx for its great features. From business or developer’s perspective, MODx offers a lot of flexibility to control the website in terms of content and functionality. With MODx, managing the site now is at your fingertips.

MODx features

W3 Standards Compliant CMS

Building XHTML 1.1 websites is easy now with MODx. It, MODx, is dreams come true for the developers, as it can manage templating engines as well as layout rules quite easily.

Ajax /Web 2.0

Most agree that MODx is the first free PHP CMS offering an API that fully supports Web 2.0 Ajax technology. This is a great advantage for building content management websites.

Great CSS Menu Builder

You will get menus, which are made from ULs, right out of the box. MODx features simple to complex deluxe menus.

Ways to manage the content

Frontend – It is easy to edit template variables and content fields. The QuickEdit bar allows the manager to edit the content while browsing the site.
Backend- MODx manager is a skinnable feature packed tool. With the MODx manager, it is easy to create content, manage templates and reuse elements. You can also add modules for easy management tasks or work with other datasets.

Easy to use Installer

MODx has a graphic installer, making it easy for anyone to deploy even. Even if one has little technical experience, anyone can install. The step-by-step process makes it extremely easy to install MODx.   

We can assure you that it is one of the best open source content management systems. We have now built hundreds of website using MODx and till now it’s only appreciation that we got from our clients. Contact us today if you want your website built with this award winning CMS.